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Orders can be collected from the shop or delivered to either your home or workplace. We deliver Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday and usually need approx. 48 hour’s notice of your order before delivery or you can pick up your order from the shop any time!


For the Palmerston, Howard Springs and Humpty Doo orders, we are currently delivering on Wednesdays, as long as we have at least 48 hours’ notice, from the time of receiving your order. Therefore, we require that your order be received no later than Monday morning, for delivery the same week.


The below are some of the usual freight services our customers use to get their Organic fix delivered:

Fly Tiwi

Barge Express


Neil Mansell

Chart Air

An account with your courier of choice must be set up before we can send out to you. Please include your account number in the delivery instructions section of the checkout, so that we can provide this to the courier company - please be sure to include the exact leaving date and time. You will need to be aware of revised timetables due to public holidays etc, as well as special cut off times for different transport categories, for example separate chiller/freezer boxes.

We require at least 48 hours’ notice before the courier company cut off time.

We take pride in packing only the freshest of produce and take extra special care for those orders which go by barge, some of which can take up to a week. If your order arrives less than desirable, we want to know about it. It may be that certain items simply will not last the distance, or we may need to substitute with item travel better.


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Closed Public Holidays

We do our best to stock a wide range of products and brands both instore and online, however if there is something specific you are looking for, we are happy to try and source it even if we do not already stock it.

We receive our fresh fruit and vegetables on Mondays and Fridays.  We take pride in packing only the freshest of produce; if we don’t think an item will last the journey from ours to yours then we will not put it in your order. In these cases we may just need to substitute items (if allowed). If your order arrives less than desirable, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Bulk quantities of certain products can be ordered - please contact us regarding a price for both the goods and delivery.  If you are only after dry goods (not perishables) then there is the option of sending your goods via Australia Post. In this case we would charge you the same as a pick-up fee and the postage charges from Australia Post.

Where possible, please leave instructions of the best time for us to deliver your order so we know you will get it timely and safely.