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About us

We began at Coolalinga Market in 1997 selling home grown produce. Greenie, (Mal Green) coming from a farming background, always believed a natural approach to farming was the way to go. Attending several Permaculture & Bio Dynamic workshops over the years was another step towards our future in organics. Ursula also completed Permaculture courses and Bio Dynamic workshops etc in the early years and always maintained an interest in natural medicine & good healthy food. 

After several years attending different local markets with our local produce, we then teamed up with Fred Meyering who bought organic food up from down south. Together we grew and found that the demand for organic food was expanding. Fred, being a certified organic farmer himself, held an interest with the Organic Mango Wine industry, and decided to follow in that direction. We took this opportunity to continue on supplying Darwin with both the southern and local organic produce.

A couple of years flew by, and it came to the point where we either took the plunge and open a shop, or give it all a miss. We took the plunge in 2003, and learnt a lot along the way. It was like a whole new world discovering the range of organic products that was available. Gradually with customer requests and new found suppliers we built up our range of products. Without the support and encouragement of the local community we would not have survived.

It always puts a smile on our faces when we think back to when we first started out with foam boxes and loads of ice. We would load up the 2 cars after the Coolalinga markets, un pack when we arrived home to store and keep everything cold until the next morning where we would re pack the cars again and head to town to Nightcliff markets early on the Sunday. Our girls Gabrielle and Dayna, at a very young age, would be under our tables asleep in their makeshift cubby house, waking to the sounds and aromas of the other stalls with all the colours and entertainment they could wish for. 

We hope to continue on with our service to the Darwin community to give people the choice as to what they eat. 

We also offer local organic growers (from backyard to farm size) the opportunity to sell their fresh produce to us. We all know fresh is best wherever possible and strive to keep our shop abundant with good quality food.

Dear Cusotmers,

Due to road & train frieght issues between SA & the NT we have fresh produce shortages. Some items you order may not be available at this time.  We apologise for any incovenience caused.

Sincerely Team Greenies