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Why eat organic?

Organic food provides nourishment for body, mind and soul. Generally, if not always, each and every bite is richer in vital vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients such as antioxidants. This rich nutrient content is responsible for the vibrant colours and enhanced flavours of organic produce. Grown without the use of carcinogenic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, synthetic superphosphate fertilizers and sewage sludge, not waxed with petrochemicals, irradiated or coloured with synthetic dyes, you can feel safe knowing your food is poison free. Certified organic food is also guaranteed to be free from genetic modification, the safety of which has yet to be determined.

As organically grown produce has no other choice but to naturally fight off disease and insects, it grows a strong immune system, which studies have shown is absent in conventional produce. This immunity is passed on to those who eat it in the form of certain phytonutrients, which act as cancer fighting critters in the body. Kirlian photography has also shown organic produce to have a larger life force than conventional, increasing the energetic vitality we receive from our food.

It is a common misconception that organic food is more expensive. This is not always the case. The bigger organics gets, the cheaper it is becoming. Many people in the business have a strong passion for organics, not for money and are subsequently selling to the consumer at the cheapest prices possible. Remember that organic farming takes more work and is not subsidised by the government, unlike conventional farming. Studies have also shown conventional produce to have a much higher water content than organic. Quite often water is actually pumped into the produce prior to harvesting in order for the farmer to increase his profits. This dulls taste and means you are paying extra for water! Most alternative health professionals agree that eating organic promotes health and helps prevent disease. What price can you put on your wellbeing?Greenies Read Food

Organic farming ensures the environment is protected due to the avoidance of toxic chemicals, as well as methods that help to build topsoil and preserve biodiversity. The future is determined by us as individuals. Every time you purchase an organic product, know you are protecting and enhancing the health of yourself, your loved ones and your planet.

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Due to road & train frieght issues between SA & the NT we have fresh produce shortages. Some items you order may not be available at this time.  We apologise for any incovenience caused.

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